Parent Like a Champion


This educational workshop for sports parent is designed to complement the Coaching for Character or Coaching for Ministry clinics for coaches. Parents who attend this workshop are empowered to positively motivate their children to succeed in sports and enjoy their athletic experience.

The Parent Like a Champion worship is offered in a “Train-the-Trainer” model, where an expert Play Like a Champion Today staff member provides the know-how to a local organizational official to then conduct Parent Like a Champion workshops.

Parent Like a Champion educates parents on the developmental psychology of young athletes, and how to nurture their child's whole growth through sports. This one-hour workshop provides for a common ground to discuss expectations for a successful sports season, to ensure a tremendous experience for children.

The Parent Like a Champion clinic bridges the crucial gap between home and the field for young people. Lessons learned in sports must be reinforced in the family setting, and this invaluable tool connects parents’ intimate knowledge of their children with the Play Like a Champion Today goals of developing children into true champions.

The workshop improves the quality of youth sports programs for everyone involved.
  • Parents receive an education in key developmental and psychological factors in their children's lives.
  • Coaches know that parents also share in their understanding of youth sports as a holistic activity.
  • Athletic Directors experience less tension between parents and coaches because of common expectations. 
  • Athletes enjoy parents who are more supportive of their efforts, and understanding of their development.

Thanks to a grant from the LA84 Foundation, Parent Like a Champion materials are also available in Spanish.

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