Coaching as Ministry


Coaches are expected to be more than just teacher and trainer. They are expected to be mentor, compass, instructor, disciplinarian, and confidant. They are expected to be ministers. Designed specifically for sports coaches in Catholic high schools, the Coaching as Ministry (CAM) clinic prepares coaches for their dual role as coach and minister. 

CAM provides tangible tools for coaches to use with their athletes, focusing on honing individual skills and team goals, while demonstrating that sports can and should be a virtuous activity.

Derived from the latest research in adolescent & sports psychology, as well as church teaching, CAM is a first-rate interactive clinic to educate coaches on the importance of committing to complete development of their athletes. Play Like a Champion Today staff travel around the country to provide a premier level of professional development for high school coaches. CAM clinics prepare coaches to:

  • Develop the skills and the morals of high school athletes
  • Maximize their athlete's performance by setting targetted, appropriate goals
  • Understand the critical role that team community plays in sports
  • Instill a sense of accountability and ownership in their athletes
  • Recognize and address signs of abuse, including steroid use, bullying, and sexual misconduct
  • Build strategic, beneficial partnerships with parents

All Play Like a Champion Today coach clinics utilize the GROW approacha formula for success:

Goals + Relationships + Ownership = Winning

Utilizing the GROW approach, coaches leave CAM clinics with the pastoral training required to coach athletes that succeed on the field and that develop into virtuous adults. Results show that the Play Like a Champion Today approach to coaching leads to an improved sport experience for all involved in the game.

  • Athletes experience less "burn out" stay active for more years in sports.
  • Coaches gain an increased sense of purpose and pride in contributing to their school's Catholic mission.
  • Parents report greater satisfaction with their child's athletic experience.
  • School administrators enjoy the benefits of professionally trained coaches committed to the Catholic identity of their school.

Play Like a Champion Today works closely with the University of Notre Dame's Alliance for Catholic Education, in a mission to sustain, strengthen, and transform Catholic schools.

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Advanced Workshops

For organizations that have partnered with Play Like a Champion Today for multiple years, advanced education is available for coaches who have received the original CAM clinic. Our Advanced Workshops expand upon a specific element of the Play Like a Champion Today philosophy, and provide experienced coaches with ongoing development opportunities. Current Advanced Workshop offerings include:

  • Parents as Partners-Going in depth to offer strategies for maximizing the potential for coaches to develop strong relationships with the parents of their players (1 hour)
  • Effective Coaching Techniques-Exploring the best practices for getting athletes to achieve their athletic potential while ensuring they are having fun and playing fair (1 hour)
  • Developing Character Through Sports-Providing a framework for coaches to use sports as a teaching tool for imparting important life lessons (1 hour)
  • Flow in Sports-Educating coaches on the science behind getting their athletes "in the zone" (1 hour) 
  • Sports, Spirituality and Moral Development-Discussing the role that sports play in developing the spirituality and moral sensibility of athletes (1 hour)

For more information on preventing sports injuries, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, and the National Athletic Trainers Association recommends the website as a guide.