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Play Like a Champion Today is breaking ground on the promotion of high standards of ethics and character development in collegiate athletic programs.




Creating a Value-Centered Athletic Community in Higher Education 

Friday, April 25th 2014 9am-4pm

Attend in person at the University of Notre Dame or Tune-In via Live-Stream.

Over the past year public allegations of abuse have raised questions about the ethical standards that should be expected of college coaches.  What is good coaching?  How can coaches display intensity and demand discipline without compromising student athletes’ physical and psychological integrity and well-being?  The NCAA Constitution makes clear that colleges have a responsibility to assure that coaches contribute to athletes moral as well as academic development. This symposium examines the culture of college  coaching and the challenges that they face as teachers of young people.  

Join featured panelists Mickey Bebeau, Jay Coakley, Matt Dolan, Timothy Epstein, Nicole LaVoi, Kevin Lennon, Kathleen McChesney,  and other experts in sports and professoional ethics to develop an ethical framework for the role of the college coach in higher education. Together, we will explore “the higher moral standard" that all coaches are held to.  The symposium will feature panel discussions and break-out sessions to learn from and network with higher education coahes, admininistrators, and faculty from around the country.

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