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In Memoriam

Author: Gena Robinson



Our Children Have the Right to Play

Nine-year-old Tyshawn Lee was brutally murdered last week in what is suspected to be a targeted assassination in retaliation for his father’s gang activity. Tyshawn, an active, hard-working, and happy fourth grader was on his way to a park to play when he was gunned down.…

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Championing Children Through Sports in Philadelphia

Author: Kristin Sheehan


While the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team took on the Temple Owls this past weekend, the city of Philadelphia and Notre Dame fans alike reveled in the joy of a competitive, elite athletic contest. While we were enthralled by this sporting event, we are also acutely aware that many children in our cities are routinely left out of the opportunity to experience sport and the joy and development it can provide.…

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