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Coaches, Lead the Fight to Stop Bullying

Author: Gena Robinson

A Message from Professor Clark Power, Founder and Director, Play Like a Champion Today

We know more about the devastating consequences of bullying than ever before, yet bullying remains a national epidemic. There is no quick fix for bullying.  However, recent findings from our Templeton-funded research indicate that sports teams may be one of the most effective anti-bullying resources at our disposal. Good coaches know how to build cohesive teams that encourage strong peer relationships and discourage bullying. Good coaches need to be at vanguard of the anti-bullying movement.…

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Eagles Soar in Student-Athlete Retreat

Author: Gena Robinson


Play Like a Champion Today now offers retreats for student-athletes. These retreats are designed to bring student athletes together to reflect on their roles on their teams and in the school community. The program launched recently with Kristin Sheehan leading a Saturday retreat for the team captains of East Catholic High School in Manchester, Connecticut to kick off the school year. Although most high school students would rather sleep in on a Saturday morning, these Eagles enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to pray, bond as a community, and develop as team leaders. …

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